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There Was Blood Everywhere

by Embalmer

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Experience eight insane musical nightmares guaranteed to please splatter grind maniacs worldwide, Embalmer's festering classic "There Was Blood Everywhere".


released June 17, 1997

Relapse Records



all rights reserved


Embalmer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: There Was Blood Everywhere
Hidden within my darkest sin
the dead can hear my darkest fear
The murder remembered so plain in my head
Back from the grave in my thoughts you are dead
The murder remembered so plain in my head
Back from the grave in my thoughts you are dead
I am the killer of killers a fading memory
And my twisted mind surfaces into your reality
The whore was so beautiful after I ripped her apart
She was a nice girl and had a good heart
All alone in a deck of cards
blackest diamonds bleeding hearts
I am Gemini for I am two within my sin.
I'm still killing you
Track Name: The Necro-Filing Cabinet
Resurrect the files of the dead effigy
The time to rot is near
Looking back into lives we discover
We've been doomed for awhile
Dismembered visions yet to come
We are the rotting ones

I want all to die and rot in pain
Drawing near is judgment day
Burning skin children's screams

I love pain and suffering

Laughing back at life's files
We spit in the face of the prophet
He speaks to us we say is lies but in the end
He laughs as we cry


Killed so many before they could reach me
Then I spilled your blood before you could flee

Track Name: Blood Sucking Freaks
Welcome to the theater if the macabre,
we are the blood sucking freaks
Mangled features faces torn bodies ripped in two
Torn to shreds blown off head left to rot and die
The next act of brutal torture is the iron tourniquet
Then pull out the bone saw for some more torture
In the most bizarre fucking ways
Welcome to theater of the macabre,
we are the blood sucking freaks
Mangled features torn bodies ripped in two
Torn to shreds blown off head left to rot and die
Sit and watch as the freaks peel back your fucking face
Track Name: May the Wounds Bleed Forever
Amputated anatomy skeletal remains, breaking off the bones, dissecting of the brain
Shredding with a bullet entering your skull, body opens up, corpses start to fall
Human jigsaw bleeding find the missing link, open with my shot, brains splatter pink
As you bleed I take off this, take off that, pieces and your parts
Chop off this, and chop off that, amputate the heart
Bloody killing always sick from the fucking start
She watches as I move slowly, sick stare as I cut her cunt wide
She screams as she bleeds my knife cuts in her foul stench fills the air
The deeper the wounds the harder they are to heal
Cutting into your veins stopping the blood flow decapitate the head
Make the pain go slow lobotomized tranquilized drilling for the brains
Scattered dissected bloody offerings, a basic face removal lesson for the day
Killing every way decapitate and slay
Chop off this gouge out that, eyes lashing out of sockets
Rip off this split open that put into meat pockets
Knivings stabbings and human crucifixions
We who are slime like maggots, who crawl through this corpse of an earth
Back out on the streets stalking you again
Through you have escaped me, you'll always bleed within
Track Name: Rotten Body Fluids
Smell the stench of your own death
Your skin falls off
There's nothing left
Demented Doctor
Scalpel in hands
Removes the organs, removes the glands

Evil experiments, examinations of the dead
Hanging on the wall is your rotting fucking head
Tortured continuously before you die
Waiting for death on the table you lie

Bleed all over me, to see you suffer is why I live
As I cut you open organs fall from your ribs
With the razor sharp and nice
Cut you wide with every slice (Repeat three times)

Rotten body fluids spilled everywhere
Smell of fluids fills his lair (Repeat two times)
Track Name: Bone Box
Lying in a box, twisted and decayed
Waiting for the hearse to carry you away
Thrown in the mud, maggots fill the grave
In the bone box left to fucking rot...ROT!!!!!!!

Dead and buried lying in a box, six feet under for the worms to eat
Stiff and cold covered up with rocks, to decay in the dirt

Rotten stench
Bodies decay
Rot with Rick
Rot away

Insets feed on what's left of your skin
Maggots crawl out and they crawl back in
Shredded entrails the last of what's left
You're dead, you're buried, the bone box is your death
Track Name: Morbid Confessions
Legs spread flesh torn,
still gagging on the stench of chloroform
Lidless eyes shards of glass as I mutilate
you pray for the pain to pass

Endless pain, I'm insane, bound and gagged
Endless pain, torturing my victims I'm insane

As I tighten your restraints you cry in pain
I steal your breath you pray for death

Hot knife peels flesh
When I'm through I'll smoke a joint
Then I'll take a rest, slit throat too late
Smiles with a fiendish grin as I decapitate

I'm fucking insane
Track Name: The Cellar
Invoke me now
From my tomb
Through the cellar
Seal your doom
Release my chains
Bound with pain
Draw you down
To my domain

Unleashed evil
From the cellar
Disembowel you
Eat your entrails
Hold you down
Abacinate you
Rip your throat out
Watch you die

Necronomicon holds the demons power
Now release what lives inside the cellar